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-College Counseling
-AP Courses for Credit
-Dual Credit - College Courses
-Private Tutoring
-Extracurricular Activities

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Free Weekly Webinar
These webinars are designed to provide parents and students with the most updated admission trends, academic advice, and college planning strategies with live presentations and Q&A sessions via ZOOM.

Spring 2023Weekly webinars is now available. Please sign up Here.

Elite High School Student Programs

Let Elite's expert instructors and proven programs give you the edge you need when you apply to college.

SAT / ACT Test Prep
Selective SAT and ACT prep programs - Weekly practice tests and classes. In the lecture classes, students review the tests with experienced instructors and Elite Curriculum.
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AP Courses for Credit
Fully WASC-accredited school with UC/CSU approved courses. Our blended learning can get you a head start for College Prep.
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Elite Tutoring
Online/In-Person tutoring & Academic Management with our expert instructors
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Former Accountant turned life educator at E-learn Educational Institution.

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"Elite didn’t just give me the answers and the methods - it gave me the mindset to prepare for any challenge."

Andrew M • Elite Student • Harvard

Elite Middle School Programs

College admissions is more confusion - and more competitive - than ever. An early start of college planning and core subject enrichment is a MUST.

PSAT 8/9 - Intensive Reading & Writing Prep (7th to 9th graders)
Offers foundation-building and practical applications of language skills. Exposure to challenging reading material and a preview of college entrance exams.
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Math AI Assisted Learning
Enhances students' knowledge in any Math subjects with AI guided curriculum and an expert instructor
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Essay Workshop
Our new interactive writing platform to help students develop essential reading and writing skills.
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Elite Academic College Counseling Program

Not sure where to start or how to plan for the college prep?
Contact us to schedule to discuss our exclusive college counseling program.

- MultiYear Counseling Program (8th - 11th graders)
- College Application Services (Rising Seniors Only)

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